THINCELL is Ordinary Lyocell fiber.

Fiber Dry strength
Wet strength
Dry elongation at break
Wet Elongation At Break
Wet modulus
(cN·d tex-1)
Moisture regain
THINCELL 4.0~4.2 3.4~3.6 15~17 14~18 16~24 11~14
Cotton 2.4~2.8 1.6~3.0 7~9 12~14 10~12 8~9
Viscose 2.2~2.6 1.0~1.5 12~18 18~25 5~8 12~15
Polyester 4.0~5.0 4.0~5.0 25~40 25~40 21~25 0.5~0.8

THINCELL fiber specifications

  • Size

  • Length

  • Whiteness

  • Weight



Grecell ® Thincell can reduce fibrillation tendency by crosslinking between cellulose molecules through cross-linking agent reaction. It can be processed into smooth style fabric, not easy to pilling, so it is very suitable for high-end casual wear, professional wear, underwear, sweater and other knitted products.

▪ Spinning

Pure spinning and blending field. Grecell® Thincell pure spinning is mainly used in yarn varieties with 40 count or less. At the same time, the excellent performance of Grecell® Thincell is suitable for blending with cotton, flax, wool, polyester and other fibers. After blending, the advantages of different fibers can be used in the final textile.

▪ Weaving, dyeing and finishing

Grecell ® Thincell has superior strength performance, and its pure and blended yarns are more suitable for weaving process. The excellent hygroscopicity of green Grecell® Thincell makes its dyeing performance more excellent, and its levelness and dye uptake are better than those of cotton fiber.

▪ Clothing

Because of Grecell ® Thincell’ characteristics of bright, delicate, smooth, skin friendly, breathable, high-grad, luxurious, hanging and elegant, it is very suitable for the shirt, suit, skirt, jeans and other clothing products.

▪ Home textiles

With the characteristics of smooth, delicate, fresh, comfortable, absorbent, breathable, antibacterial and acaricidal, Grecell ® Thincell is suitable for home textile products.