FDCELL Compared with ordinary green fiber (1.3 dtex), Fdcell fiber is 1.1 dtex, which belongs to fine denier fiber.

Fiber Dry strength
Wet strength
Dry elongation at break
Wet Elongation At Break
Wet modulus
(cN·d tex-1)
Moisture regain
FDCELL 4.0~4.2 3.4~3.6 15~17 14~18 16~24 11~14
Cotton 2.4~2.8 1.6~3.0 7~9 12~14 10~12 8~9
Viscose 2.2~2.6 1.0~1.5 12~18 18~25 5~8 12~15
Polyester 4.0~5.0 4.0~5.0 25~40 25~40 21~25 0.5~0.8

FDCELL fiber specifications

  • Size

  • Length

  • Whiteness

  • Weight



Grecell ® Fdcell is a fine denier fiber, which is more suitable for spinning high count yarn with more than 60 count. The finer the fiber used in textiles, the higher the softness. Softness is one of the decisive parameters of wearing comfort. Fdcell fine denier fiber can make the skin feel smooth and comfortable. The clothing made of Grecell® Fdcell is not only very light, but also has a natural drape feeling, smooth and soft, and can guarantee the lasting soft and comfortable performance, so it is very suitable for underwear, silk stockings, undershirts and other close-fitting textiles.