BBCELL® is a bamboo pulp type Lyocell fiber, which is a perfect fusion of Chinese culture + Chinese technology + central enterprise quality.

Natural primary colors

BBCELL® has the primary color of bamboo pulp, soft fiber luster, high fluffy and light, lubricated and delicate, soft and light, with cotton-like softness, silk-like smoothness.

Dimensionally stable

BBCELL ® antigen fibrillation performance is superior, that is, under the action of external force, it is not easy to pill, and the anti-tensile and compression properties are better.

Chinese characteristics

BBCELL ® solves the hidden danger of Lyocell fiber relying on foreign imported pulp, and is a green natural resource with "Chinese characteristics".

Size(dtex) Length(mm) Performance Apply
0.9-1.67 4-12 High strength, washable, degradable Wet toilet paper, battery separator