The party branch of Grecell carried out the party day activities with the theme of "promoting emergency law popularization and increasing legal awareness"

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FangYuan in July 29, 2020, according to the knowledge of the second session of the national emergency management dissemination competition notice requirements, to better implement the jinping important indicator spirit of general secretary of the rule of law publicity and education, ZhongFang green fiber party branch around the emergency dissemination, enhance legal consciousness through DangRi activities carried out the theme of the special training. After careful preparation, Mr. Wang Jianyi from the equipment department of the company explained the contents of emergency management, accident emergency plan, emergency plan drill and emergency rescue knowledge from four aspects.

This training, combined with the company's third phase construction and production and management of the problems, easy to understand, specific image, to the comrades involved in the training left a deep impression, to achieve the expected training purpose.