President Zhao Qiang and Secretary Wang Liwei of the Textile Institute visited the Green Fiber Company to guide the inspection work

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On September 15, 2015, Zhao Qiang, President of China Textile Research Institute, Wang Liwei, Party Secretary of China Textile Research Institute, Zhuang Xiaoxiong, Executive Vice President of China Textile Research Institute and other three people visited Xinxiang Green Fiber Co., Ltd to guide the inspection work. Secretary Wang Liwei, on behalf of the Party committee of the hospital, made an interview with General Manager Jia Baoliang, Executive Deputy General Manager Li Kaizhan, and Deputy General Manager Xu Jigang.

Green fiber Gu Baoliang company general manager on behalf of the company management team to do the work report, the green fiber as the newly established company, is gradually built up various rules and regulations, steadily push forward annual output of 15000 tons of new solvent method cellulose fibre, the work has been completed two equipment tendering, basically completed the public bidding of the main process equipment, has now completed pile foundation engineering, is expected to complete civil design in mid-october, in mid-november and start construction.

Zhao Qiang pointed out that the Green Fiber Project is the largest investment and influence project since the establishment of the Institute. The Green Fiber Company must accelerate the construction of the project of 15,000 tons of Lyocell fiber, so as to realize the start of the project as soon as possible and produce products that meet the market requirements.

Tina, secretary of the green fiber company management team, earnestly implement the central eight, to strengthen the party's style of the cultivation of clean government, the implementation of the "two responsibility" and "a pair of responsibilities", carry out "triple a" system, establish a good candidate and mechanism of choose and employ persons, having both ability and political integrity and loyalty to the enterprise, to contribute, masses satisfaction of cadres, to strengthen the supervision of power. Secretary Wang Liwei also communicated about the company's management team's performance of duty treatment and business expenditure system construction, and reported the feedback from the central inspection group.

The management team of Lvfib has expressed that they will formulate relevant rules and regulations in accordance with the relevant requirements of GM Group and China Textile Institute, unite with sincerity and make concerted efforts to accelerate the construction, operation and management of the company.

Zhao Qiang and his delegation also visited the thousandon-class LYOCELL fiber pilot test line, the company's technical personnel introduced the whole process in detail. Then, accompanied by Shao Changjin, chairman of Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., and Liu Sijiang, director of Xinxiang National Economic Development Zone, they came to the construction site of the new solvent cellulose fiber industrialization project with an annual output of 15,000 tons. The management team of Green Fiber Company reported the progress and plan of the whole project.