Party branch of Sinovel Green Fiber Company carried out theme party day activity and party class study

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On September 30, the party branch of Sinovel Green Fiber Company held the theme party day activities and party class learning, the meeting was chaired by Fu Yuzhen, the branch member and chief accountant, and the company's party members on duty attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Fu Yuzhen first led everyone to study the "adhere to the party leadership, strengthen the construction of the party is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises, and asked everyone to continue to study the spirit of the content of the relevant documents after the meeting. After that, Comrade Wang Gang was awarded the medal and honorary certificate of "Excellent Party Member" of the Group in 2020.

Finally, Yang Hongwei, a member of the branch, taught a special party lesson on learning and education of party history with the theme of "Reviewing 100 years of party history and carrying forward the spirit of hard work". He stressed that the company is currently facing many challenges in the business environment, we should learn the party history, summarize the past experience and lessons, find the gaps in our work, and contribute to the inexhaustible power of the company's high-quality development by defying hardships, striving hard, being united, persevering and winning.