General Technology Group Chairman Yu Xubo and his entourage investigated Sinovel Green Fiber, a subsidiary of General Technology High-Tech Materials

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General Technology Group Chairman Yu Xubo and his entourage investigated Sinovel Green Fiber, a subsidiary of General Technology High-Tech Materials

On October 14, Yu Xubo, Chairman and Party Secretary of General Technology Group, Zhou Mingchun, Vice General Manager and Party Member, led the leaders of Group Office, Strategy Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Safety Supervision Department, Party Group Department and Co-ordination Department to Xinxiang City to research and guide Sinotrans Green Fiber, a subsidiary of General Technology High-Tech Materials. Chairman, party secretary and general manager of General Technology High-Tech Materials Zhuang Xiaoxiong, deputy general manager Yu Hanjiang and Liu Jian, general manager of Sinovel Green Fiber Jia Baoliang, chief accountant Fu Yuzhen and deputy general manager Zheng Yucheng received the group's leadership, accompanied by the person in charge of General Technology High-Tech Materials' comprehensive management department and relevant persons in charge of Sinovel Green Fiber.



First of all, Yu Xubo and his party visited the exhibition hall of Sinovel Green Fiber, listened to Zhuang Xiaoxiong's introduction about the development history, production process, product research and development of Sinovel Green Fiber, and asked about the work done by Sinovel Green Fiber in greening and intelligence, and put forward the requirements of strengthening product research and development, increasing scientific and technological innovation, improving product quality and expanding market share on the existing basis.



Then, we went deep into the workshop to learn more about the production process of green fiber and special fiber, and view the processes of raw liquor, spinning, refining, drying, packing and quality inspection on the ground. Yu Xubo had a cordial communication with the front-line production staff and gave full recognition to the sample collection and testing work. During the period, Zhuang Xiaoxiong made a supplementary explanation on the characteristics of Lysol such as green raw material, green process, skin-friendly and comfortable, and biodegradable.




After the visit, the meeting was summarized, Zhuang Xiaoxiong and Jia Baoliang reported on the "14th Five-Year Plan" of green fiber industry and the development of green fiber business respectively.



In his concluding speech, Yu Xubo, on behalf of the party group of General Technology Group, spoke highly of the unremitting efforts of several generations of researchers of CFLI who have embraced the dream of a strong textile nation, pioneered the national green fiber industry and realized the independent control of the whole industry chain, and fully affirmed the achievements of the leadership team of General Technology High-Tech Materials and its subsidiary CFLI from project construction, production to market application. He pointed out that Sinovel Green Fiber practiced the concept of green development and made an important contribution to serving people's better life. The next step is to conscientiously implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee, promote the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", strengthen the innovation drive, deepen reform, promote quality and efficiency, strengthen the construction of the talent team, strengthen the leadership of the Party and the construction of the Party, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, and contribute to the To contribute to the national green low-carbon cycle development.

Zhou Mingchun stressed in his research that Sinovel Green Fiber has really achieved the group's corporate culture reflected in the actual work, showing a new look as a whole and strengthening the confidence of doing green fiber industry. At the same time, we asked Sinovel Green Fiber to continue to occupy the high point of science and technology in green fiber industry, lead the development of the industry, benchmark world-class, provide high-quality products, continuously expand market share, and make contributions to the green and low-carbon sustainable development of China's textile raw material industry.




The research and guidance, while affirming the work of General Technology High-Tech Materials and Sinovel Green Fiber, also put forward higher requirements for the future development of green fiber industry. General Technology High-Tech Materials and its subsidiary, China Textile Green Fiber, will actively implement the instructions of the group's leaders, live up to their mission, and strive to meet the people's needs for a better life!