BBCELL® appeared at the Yarn Expo! Sustainable environmental protection fiber highlights textile black technology

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    The 2021 China International Textile Yarn (Spring and Summer) Exhibition will be held on March 17-19.

    The sustainable green fiber- BBCELL ® exhibited by GENERTEC Advanced materials and CTACELL has attracted many professional visitors to stop and inquire.

China Textile Institute Green Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Textile Green Fiber"), a subsidiary of General New Materials, has the first domestic technology and a complete set of equipment to independently design and manufacture a single-line 60,000-ton new solvent-based cellulose fiber production line. It is the first in China An enterprise with all independent intellectual property rights of Lyocell Fiber. With a production capacity of 90,000 tons of green fiber, it is the second largest lyocell fiber manufacturer in the world and the first in China. This technology is the scientific research result of several generations of scientists and craftsmen from big countries of China Textile Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CTACELL), a national professional textile research institute. The Green Fiber Bamboo®, Green Fiber® UNICELL and Green Fiber® filament exhibited by China Textile Green Fiber are the perfect combination of the continuous breakthroughs in the research and development technology of China Textile Institute and the gradual realization of the industrialization of China Textile Green Fiber.

     According to reports, many clothing that consumers often wear in their lives are polyester fibers, which are derived from non-renewable petroleum, and the production of raw materials is limited and resources are scarce. The production of polyester will produce a large amount of marine microplastics, which is harmful to marine life and humans. Health hazards. In addition, most of the waste water and waste gas in the fiber production process will pollute the environment.