Henan Textile Association organized the textile industry representatives to visit the general technology in spinning green fiber

On the morning of October 30, led by Yang Runkai, executive chairman of Henan Textile Engineering Society, executive chairman of Henan Textile Industry Association, Qiu Lifeng, director of National Textile Equipment Science and Technology Information Center and president/editor-in-chief of Textile Equipment magazine, Chen Guoyu, executive chairman of Henan Textile Entrepreneurs Association, Chen Yamin, general manager of Pingmian Group Company, Qiu Wanfu, secretary of the party committee and deputy general manager of Nanyang Textile Group Co, Ltd., Cui Yihuai, vice president of the research institute of Nantong Shuanghong Textile Co., Ltd., Anhui Huamao Textile Co., Ltd., Ye Wei, director of technical quality department and other 110 people of upstream and downstream textile enterprise representatives to the General Technology Sinovel Green Fiber Company visit, the company's deputy general manager Zheng Yucheng, the prime minister's assistant Yu Shunping accompanied the reception.



China Textile Green Fiber deeply study and implement the spirit of Chairman Yu Xubo's speech during his research in the company

On October 14, Yu Xubo, chairman of the group and secretary of the party group, Zhou Mingchun, deputy general manager and member of the party group and other leaders of the group visited Sinovel Green Fiber Company for research and guidance, visited the production workshop and had a cordial exchange with the front-line staff, after listening to the report on the overall work of the company, Chairman Yu Xubo made important instructions on how Sinovel Green Fiber should implement the group's strategic plan, effectively cope with the complex and changing market environment, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, optimize the construction of the talent team and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company.



General Technology Group Chairman Yu Xubo and his entourage investigated Sinovel Green Fiber, a subsidiary of General Technology High-Tech Materials

On October 14, Yu Xubo, Chairman and Party Secretary of General Technology Group, Zhou Mingchun, Vice General Manager and Party Member, led the leaders of Group Office, Strategy Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Safety Supervision Department, Party Group Department and Co-ordination Department to Xinxiang City to research and guide Sinotrans Green Fiber, a subsidiary of General Technology High-Tech Materials. Chairman, party secretary and general manager of General Technology High-Tech Materials Zhuang Xiaoxiong, deputy general manager Yu Hanjiang and Liu Jian, general manager of Sinovel Green Fiber Jia Baoliang, chief accountant Fu Yuzhen and deputy general manager Zheng Yucheng received the group's leadership, accompanied by the person in charge of General Technology High-Tech Materials' comprehensive management department and relevant persons in charge of Sinovel Green Fiber.



Party branch of Sinovel Green Fiber Company carried out theme party day activity and party class study

On September 30, the party branch of Sinovel Green Fiber Company held the theme party day activities and party class learning, the meeting was chaired by Fu Yuzhen, the branch member and chief accountant, and the company's party members on duty attended the meeting.



Liu Zhiwei, Vice General Manager of Safety Supervision Department of General Technology Group, visited Sinovel Green Fiber for research

On September 8, Liu Zhiwei, deputy general manager of safety and supervision department of General Technology Group, and his three members went to Sinovel Green Fiber for research on energy saving and environmental protection, accompanied by Lv Hairong, deputy general manager of industrial management department of High-tech Material Group.



Vice General Manager of High-tech Material Yu Hanjiang visited the company for research

From September 1 to September 3, Vice General Manager of High-Tech Materials Yu Hanjiang visited the company to investigate and guide the work of the company, and learned in detail about the work of the company in various aspects such as production and operation, product development, marketing, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, etc. He conveyed the recognition of the company's previous work achievements and greetings to all the staff of the company from the head of the Party Committee of High-Tech Materials, Chairman and General Manager Zhuang Xiaoxiong. Vice General Manager Yu Hanjiang had an in-depth discussion with the leaders and main business leaders of the company on the key work plan of continuing to promote cost reduction and efficiency, quality and consumption improvement and automation improvement, and had a detailed communication on the work arrangement of production and operation of the company in 2022.

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